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5 tactics for an epic organizational content strategy and culture

Successful organizations take on an efficient content strategy as a centrepiece of their activities. It’s not an add-on. It’s strategic. Getting buy-in from the organization can be difficult, but doable. Getting people motivated to build that strategic content culture and content strategy is something else. How do you get an organization to take on content [...]

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Content marketing culture: connecting the content management docs

When creating a content marketing culture, build a culture around content and information management. I often notice posts about how to create a content marketing culture. In most cases a crucial part is missing: content management and intelligent information management in general. In practice, the advice provided in blogs about the creation of a content [...]

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Complexograms: an illustration of your content marketing needs

Complexograms and content marketing: reflecting the ideal status of each customer segment as they near the close of the buying decision process. The web is littered with uninspired flaccid words, words with virtually no meaning. What some people might call web copy or content. In most cases it exists because the marketer was designated a [...]

AJ Huisman and Content Marketing World organizer Joe Pulizzi at our 2010 round table

Content Marketing World: the state of content marketing in Europe

AJ Huisman, one of the content marketing pioneers in Europe, a speaker at the Content Marketing Conference 2014 in Antwerp (Belgium) and marketing director at Kennedy Van der Laan, showed some B2B content marketing cases from Spain, The Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark at Content Marketing World 2013. In his workshop he covered how European organizations [...]

Most marketers have no formal content strategy - source Content Marketing Institute via LinkedIn

Content Marketing World 2013: the lack of a content strategy (research)

Content marketing research, presented at Content Marketing World 2013, shows content strategy challenges and the success of in-person events. Joe Pulizzi kicked off the first “official” day of Content Marketing World 2013 emphasizing the lack and need of a formal content strategy. In his opening keynote, Pulizzi welcomed the attendees, thanked the sponsors, sang happy [...]

AIIM Survey BYOD and content infographic - via SkyDox

How BYOD drives enterprise content management and collaboration evolutions

Enterprise content management and social collaboration challenges in the age of consumerization and BYOD. We’ve been talking about BYOD on several blogs, from a policy, people and technology perspective since quite some time. BYOD is increasingly getting debated in enterprise content management (ECM), collaboration, marketing automation and marketing/business in general too. It’s again one of [...]


Content marketing lessons for the present: content is king revisited

Content marketing is burning hot. The content is king mantra is heard everywhere. Part 1 of a deeper look into the ways we got there and the road ahead. “Content is king”. Now content marketing is being embraced by virtually every marketer, it’s an (old) adagio that pops up on the Web every single day.  [...]


A blog on lists with plenty of content marketing lists

People like lists. And they like list blogs. It shows, each time. And there’s a very deep psychological reason behind it. In fact there are several. Comfort and reassurance are just two of them. People also like being on lists. It doesn’t pay the bills. But it’s nice. We all get listed now and then. [...]