Awesome content marketing lessons from Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck is a famous self-made marketing expert and entrepreneur., the go-to information source for the world’s best business leaders, broke news on the awesome new social media strategy of Mr. Vaynerchuck. And, guess what: it’s a social content strategy. But there are more sources I gathered for you to learn some content marketing lessons from Mr. Vaynerchuck.

First of all, for all those readers having lived on another planet – but that’s OK – and my European colleagues, a little bit about Gary Vaynerchuck.

Gary Vaynerchuck has almost over 1.8 million fans on Google+ and  nearly 1 million Twitter followers. He also has a biography on the encyclopedia of the digital era, Wikipedia. And he deserves all of them as he made his own success and built a thriving business (several, in fact). You can read all about his many business successes here and – as said – find a bio on Wikipedia. An overview of his books such as “The Thank You Economy” can be found on his Amazon author page.

More important is the audience-centric content marketing strategy of Mr. Vaynerchuck and his content marketing lessons.

The mother of all content marketing lessons: the audience is key (click to tweet this)

Gary Vaynerchuk starts “tripling down on content – because doubling down doesn’t begin to describe how important he thinks it is”, the Forbes article says.

  • First of all, Gary Vaynerchuck is said to believe content development is critical to business success. That’s also why he launches a new blog. I quote: “The more content I can put out, the more luck I have”. Awesome.
  • The article claims that Mr. Vaynerchuck has redeployed an employee at Vaynermedia, his social media consultancy who will “track” him all day long to create good content. Or better; to follow him, record what he says and does and turn all of that into social media content. So, each time Mr. Vaynerchuck has an awesome thought or idea or whatnot, you, me and the whole world can see, hear or read or it so we – the audience – can be enlightened. But it’s up to you to read it or not. Quantity? Quality? A mix and Gary’s fans decide, simple.
  • Mr. Vaynerchuck believes that the top 1-5% of execs and social media personalities in the next few years will have full-time content people around them this way. Especially Vine seems to be Gary’s favorite social content format, although it’s certainly not the only one (again, based on the article).
  • Finally, for Mr. Vaynerchuck the audiences are key. So it’s all about you, the audience. All the content Mr. Vaynerchuck will create this way, explaining his views, projects and latest brilliant thoughts, are there for those who want it, as it should be. And all the others can look the other way.

You can read more in the Forbes article. But to be sure I can share all the content marketing tips of Mr. Vaynerchuck , I looked a bit further.

Content in context: quality over quantity

In this blog, posted earlier this year, you can read more about those views on content marketing (there’s of course a video too  – noblesse oblige – see below).

Some key content marketing lessons:

  • Marketing is changing (of course, Mr. Vaynerchuck emphasizes that’s a cliché but we can’t say it enough – marketing is really changing) and content is essential to survive in this changing world. But your content needs to be awesome. So: quality first. But now quantity too.
  • Content is a commodity today because there is too much so you have to be great because good content is really important. Yes, quality over quantity! But not just quality. As all these big media companies and big brands are creating awesome content for the masses, I mean audiences, you’ll have to stand out even more and create a bunch of awesome content and noise  everywhere but – again – it’s about quality.
  • Content has to be built around the ‘interest graph’ and you should create great content and be human and provide value instead of putting out press releases and talking about yourself. Content has to be made for the consumer so don’t talk about you too much but look at the interest graph.

In another blog post, Vaynerchuck is quoted saying “it’s not all about content but about context”. Mr. Vaynerchuck said that last year at HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Conference where context was the key message. So focus on the context, really. I said so myself once, by accident.

Here’s the (first) video.

From content to commerce

However, I saved the best for the last. In this blog post, also from earlier this year, on social media and content marketing, Gary Vaynerchuck shares his views in a 20-minute video full of social media and content marketing wisdom.

More content marketing lessons from the video, which you can watch below (for the social media and content marketing insights go to minute 03:32).

If you can sit out the whole video this is what you’ll learn:

  • Context over content. Mr. Vaynerchuck again emphasizes the importance of context (and I’m really a big believer of context, really, it’s even the baseline of this site I now realize). He also confirms content marketing is not a hype because everybody in the world now is in the content business. So, with everyone doing it you need to be even more awesome because you need to stand out. You can’t fall in the trap of creating noise as some boring people keep repeating, you have to combine volume (even if you don’t have a “tracker”) with awesomeness and what the audiences want.
  • The content format is not that important. If you don’t feel comfortable doing video, for instance, Mr. Vaynerchuck says, you can write content, put funny pictures on Facebook or whatever. As long as you keep the audience in mind.
  • Content is becoming the differentiator. That needs no further explanation. Content marketing indeed is the past, present and future but it needs to be really great content so you can stand out in a world with a lot of content.
  • Content needs to have a purpose. Yes, indeed, goals! Mr. Vaynerchuck emphasizes the importance of the evolutions of content to commerce. And that, my dear “audience” makes me very proud. Because, if you ever received an invoice from my small firm that I’m running since a long time, you’ll notice that under the logo the magical words “from content to commerce” appear. I thought of changing it recently but now I will cherish it forever and share some pictures of old T-shirts with the logo and such if I find them because pictures of my T-shirt are content too!

I hope you get inspired and that the article on is not satire as some commenters say. I’m glad Mr. Vaynerchuck recognizes the importance of audience-centric content and already have a master plan in mind, using the ‘from content to commerce’ T-shirts and will involve you in the process of the whole concept so stay tuned for Instagram pictures, Vine tweets, custom-made songs bought on Fiverr, infographics, an eBook, a presentation a video workshop, a certification program and much much more.

How will you create awesome content in context for the audiences and use the power of micro-content, stories and images?  

Watch the second video below.

Update: even more content marketing lessons

Turns out that Mr. Vaynerchuck also answered some questions on content marketing in 2009, in reply to the godfather of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi. So, below are more content marketing tips in a third video!


  • Patience over passion. Don’t give up.
  • Care a.k.a. “give a crap”.
  • Everything changes and shifts. Be awesome. Human.
  • Be nimble and adjust.
  • Internal. It’s all about communication. You need an awesome atmosphere.
  • Team up.
  • Content is too new (video 2009). Forget metrics, cost is a joke (again, 2009).
  • Listen.

Update 2:  Scott Monty also wrote a blog post about the awesome strategy of Mr. Vaynerchuck

It’s only based on the article (which is titled Why Gary Vaynerchuk’s New Social Media Strategy Should Change The Way You Do Business).

The blog post by Mr. Monty is called “The last thing the world needs” and you can read it here.

At your service, as always.

PS: I hope that, on top of the nice tips you also read a bit between the lines and at least scratched your head three times when reading this blog post. But you know what? The cult of volume exists everywhere and, whether you like it or not, there’s more content coming your way. People share stuff, a lot of it. Do you have to do what Gary does? If you’re in the business of selling you and have a bunch of fans maybe. Other cases? I guess not. It depends. For my customers, in my niche, it makes no sense. Today.

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