5 steps for an impactful content strategy

Engagement and the path of a content strategy according to Arabella Santiago

Engagement and the path of a content strategy according to Arabella Santiago

We barely posted our ‘how to’ post on integrating Scoop.it with email, and our review of content marketing, discovery and content curation platform Intigi and what did we see show up in our Intigi content feed? A slideshare presentation on content strategy by Arabella Santiago, Marketing and Communications Director at Scoop.it.

The presentation, called ’5 Steps for High Impact Content Marketing Strategy’ identifies the by now known challenges in a connected world where content and opinions fly around us all the time.

How do you make the difference and get noticed? For starters by focusing on what matters most: goals and ‘audiences’ or personas. On top of a content marketing strategy, you need a content strategy, the presentation explains and it’s mainly about that content strategy, despite of the title.

The goal of content marketing and/or a content strategy is engagement, Arabella Santiago says. Now, many people think engagement is a silly buzzword and in a sense it is. however, engagement is crucial and is measured by the outcomes. Engagement is really ultimately about driving to action and desired outcomes.

The 5 content marketing steps according to Arabella Santiago:

  1. Take the marketing out of your content marketing strategy.
  2. Produce good content. The deck looks at what good content is (and you know it: it’s good if it works).
  3. Add content curation to your content strategy (OK, that was obvious given the activity of Scoop.it but, still, the possible usage scenarios and benefits are well explained, as are the evolutions).
  4. Generate new ideas, iterate and take ‘lean content’ into account.
  5. Empower your community of interests.

Of course, there’s more in 70 slides than just these 5 summarized steps. Check the presentation out below to learn more about each of them and let us know what you think.

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